Using itools in your classroom – voicethread

12 Nov

I have been missing in action for a while .. been busy… but I have been wanting to get back to my blog.

Have been learning new and interesting stuff. Here is a cool link that I want to share with you – check out this weblink – You will love it – if you can use multimedia in your classroom.

Voice thread allows you to make a presentation as well as collaborate. I have not used all the functions. I just tried out the presentation part- and here is a sample I made.

I am just so excited- btw, this was a make-believe class and make-believe lesson.

Why leaf structure- my late father used to keep talking about leaf structures- he had studied BSc Agriculture before venturing in to his MBA and moving to Banking a few decades ago.. and before he passed away of course. And that was still in my mind.

If you are wondering  where I got the pictures from, these are actually from the media library in voicethread.

Do feel free to leave your comments in the voicethread.



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Posted by on November 12, 2011 in Effective teaching


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