How to Build Learning Community in Blended, Online, and Face- to-Face Classes?

28 Jul

Today is the Faculty Learning Day at UniSIM…..

And the theme is about student engagement.

The first speaker is Prof John Boyer, speaking on Building Community in blended, online, and face- to-face teaching.

Here is my take-aways…

1) Engaging students is not getting students to react…..if you ask question and demand an answer, it is getting students to react….you want the students to be willingly engaged….

2) We need to make students think about the class before, during and long after….engagement is beyond the lecture time.

3) Student engagement is building community ….that is being together…helping and looking out for each other.

4) Student engagement is about collaborative work….real-world works in collaboration.

What we shoud/can do…is not force…
But we need to make the environment suitable, speak the  same language as the students….facilitate the communication ….and we can use the web 2.0/social media  tools to promote student engagement.

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Posted by on July 28, 2012 in Effective teaching


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